Friday, August 21, 2009


For Girls Camp this year, our theme was "there's no place like Home", from the wizard of Oz. so in the second weak of August, the whole week was focused on how we can get back home to our Heavenly Father by living gospel principles. That whole weak was amazing. My friends and I had a blast together, playing ultimite frisbee hoola hooping, stuffing our faces with the BEST food, getting hurt and of course getting drenched by the rain that we had most of that week. speaking of the rain, since I was a fourth year we all had to sleep outside in tents. and the fist night we came back from our 6 mile fourth year hike it started to pour rain, at one point the tents started leaking and we had to move all of our stuff up to the lodge where we ate and slept in there that night, thinking it was only going to last one night, but unfortunately in rained till thursday and so we got to sleep in the lodge for the rest of the week, it was wonderful. The fourth year hike was not the best experiance but it was fun. the Testimonie meening was very spiritual and I loved feeling the spirit just siting there listening to testimonie and bearing mine, Girls Camp is a wonderful experiance and I can't wait to be a YCL next year (Youth Camp Laeder) :)